Rules & Regulations

Students must enter the school premises by 10.40 am.

If a student needs to leave early the guardian must secure permission of the school authorities by noting down the request in the school diary.

Long Absenteeism must be noted in school diary by the guardian with prior permission.

A student must not cause damage to school property.

The school cannot be held responsible for loss or theft of personal belonging of the students. Valuables or any electronics gadgets like Mobile Phone, Watches are not allowed.

Guardians must fix prior appointment with a teacher through a note in the specified section of the school diary, if they wish to meet the concerned teacher.

Students must participate in all co-curricular activities.

Students are expected to behave in a polite manner with all staff members.

Guardians are allowed to see the answer scripts of their wards during the results of 1st and 2nd Summative examinations. Result of 3rd Summative exam are declared in the class room.

Students failing to secure 75% attendance in an academic session will not be allowed to sit for annual examination.