From the Head Of Institution Desk

The Value of education is a manifestation of the sprit of concord, stemming from the will to live together, as active members of our global village, thinking and organizing for the  good of future generations.


We follow the four Pillars of Education a) Learning to be b) Learning to do c) Learning to know d) Learning to live together.

We try to implement a fundamental principle so that education may contribute to every girls students complete development of mind and body, intelligence, sensitivity, aesthetic appreciation and spirituality.

All students should be provided to receive an education that equips them to develop their own independence, critical way of thinking and judgment, so that they can make up their own minds on the best course of action in the different circumstances in their lives.


Our aim of education

a)      Development of Sound Habits

b)      Development of thinking  Power

c)       Development of Social Outlook

d)      Development of  Harmonious Personality

e)      Development of Power of leadership

f)       Development of National and International Feeling

g)      Training  for Citizenship

In Primary level

We follow the 5R Rules :- Reading , Writing, Arithmetic, Recreation and Relationship


Upper Primary Level

The foundation of Secondary and Higher Secondary the foundation of Higher Education Our School provides free and compulsory education Pre Primary  to Higher Secondary level.