Our School, Govt. Girls’ High School, first established in Bangla Desh before independence. After independence the School established in Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Road ( D.B.C. Road) in the building named Nurmanjil.

Next the school replaced in club Road which was inaugurated by the then Chef Minister Bidhan Chandra Roy in  the Bengali year 11th Ashwin 1365.

From the beginning the school plays as important role for the  women’s Education. Now the students of Govt. Girls’ High School,, Jalpaiguri are playing  as an  important  role in the society also as Doctor, teacher, Lawyer, Engineer etc.

There are Laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography) Library students Hostel, Play Ground differente type of Valuable Trees like Amlaki, Hartaki, Kamranga, Coconut Trees Palm Tree, Sabeda Tree, Mehagani, Mango and Bakul also.