As a small seed becomes a large tree, likewise our Rani Benode Manjari Govt. Girls’ School, endearingly called R.B.M., has reached here overcoming a long way.

At the beginning our school was merely a primary educational institute. Both the boys and girls could be admitted from class I to class IV at that time. There were only four or five teachers – male and female. The headmaster was Jagabandhu Babu. His sister Giribala Debi, Nilima Sen were among the teachers. Nandi Babu, a very efficient staff who mainly carried out the official duties, taught the students mathematics on his own. [Dr. Sitanath Dey, the first F.R.C.S Doctor from Jhargram, was one of the first batch of students.]

There was a managing committee of the school, the secretary of which was Doctor Amritlal Dasgupta. It should be mentioned that the present Rani Benode Manjari Govt. Girls’ School was then known as Barge Memorial Primary School, named after Mr. Barge, the District Judge of the then Midnapore District.

The office room was situated in the middle part at fore front and the class rooms were on both sides of it. Gradually the classes V, VI, VII, and VIII were introduced in between the years 1942 and 1943. The old building at the rear part of school originally belonged to a person known as K.C. Sahib, who donated his residential house to the school. As new classrooms were required later, this building was used for that purpose. When the classroom was upgraded to class VI, Jagabandhu Babu was appointed as Headmaster. After retirement, he left Jhargram for Kolkata with his sister and handed over all the charges of the school to Smt. Jyotsna Sengupta.

At that time Sri Narasingha Malla UgalshandaDeb was the King of Jhargram. When he expired, his sons donated a large amount to the school and renamed the school after their mother Rani Benode Manjari. Thereafter in the year 1948, the State Govt. gave approval and recognised the school as a Govt. institution. In brief this is the background story of RANI BENODE MANJARI GOVT. GIRLS’ SCHOOL.

Later in  1956 the State Govt.  approved the school as a Madhyamik institution and in 1976-77 the school has been recognised as a Higher Secondary institution.