Rules & Regulations


  1. It is essential to attend school in clean school uniform.
  2. The school premises must be kept clean. Polythene packets/food packages should be put in litter bins only.
  3. Sitting on the desk, table, high bench, window sill and roaming here and there inside school premises including corridor, playground yard any time except during Tiffin hour are prohibited. The student must not go outside the classroom without the OUT CARD when the teacher is not in the classroom, each class / section (other than XI and XII) will use two out cards. EMERGENCY CARDS are to be used only if the teacher permits.
  4. The students should be inside the classroom during school hours. Students of class XI and XII may study in library roomer inside any allotted room during off periods.
  5. The hair must be tied with white ribbons on both sides of the head. In case of short-length hair, the white ribbon should be tied on the head.
  6. Students must not wear jewellery, nail polish, mehendi or any other accessory. Students of class XI and XII may wear wrist watch during examinations only.
  7. The students must not visit the school office-room of their own. If required, they should inform the class teacher or go to the Assistant Headmistress or Headmistress.
  8. Students must not bring any phone and / or camera to school.
  9. Students must not meet or talk to any known or unknown person during school hours.
  10. Students must not go outside and/or near the school gate during school hours. They have to go to the playground in group only if the subject teacher directs them to do so.
  11. If any unfair mean is adopted in the examination hall, the answer script of that subject will stand cancelled.
  12. The articles and/ or paintings for school magazine are to be submitted during the first week after the summer vacation. The students have to write / draw legibly on one side of foolscap paper and submit it to the class teacher. The writing must be original; otherwise it will stand cancelled. If any student is accused of plagiarism, her writings will never be published in the school magazine in future.
  13. Mid-Day Meal is served to the students of Pre-Primary to class VII. Students have to bring the steel plate given to them from school. Students of class IX to XII will bring stainless steel Tiffin-box for taking the Mid-Day Tiffin.
  14. The Child Cabinet has been formed with the students of Class VI, VII and VIII from the session 2017. Every student should co-operate with the Cabinet Ministers and members in order to maintain discipline I the school.
  15. It is essential to bring the school dairy every day.