Rules & Regulations

  1.  Attendance: Students must attend school regularly and strictly maintain the time schedule as given in the diary.

First Bell :- 10:30 am (Assemble for prayer in the Auditorium)

Second Bell :- 10:35 am (Prayer begins)

Class starts :- 10:45 am

If a child remains absent from school, must submit the absent letter in the diary explaining the reasons, on the day of joining classes again.  The same must be given to the Class Teacher.

If the child is absent for more than five days, a medical certificate must be submitted through the Class Teacher to the Headmistress.

Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours.  If there is a need for the pupil to leave school the parents before scheduled time, the parents have to submit an application to the Class Teacher and the Headmistress will give permission taking into consideration the graveness of the situation.  The ward will be allowed to leave only with parents.

be considered unfit for appearing at the Madhyamik examination.

The pupils shall not carry excessive amount of money, or any valuables, jewellery or mobile phones to school if found the school will take strict action.  The cooperation and supervision of parents is highly solicited.

  • Address: The change of Phone number/Address must be communicated to the Class Teacher.
  • Examination: Evaluations will be held as per stipulated rules of The Madhya Siksha Parshad and Higher Secondary Council. The Half yearly, Annual exams of Class XI, Test of X, XII will be held as per Parshad and Samsad orders.
  • Rules for Admission: The Procedure of Admission to Class – V starts after a Notice is issued with dates and details of admission after lottery on the date given by the Education Department, West Bengal. The entire procedure is as per rules issued by the Commissionerate of Education, West Bengal.  The parents must present original Birth Certificate at the time of Admission.  The parents or guardians must be present at the time of admission.  The students belonging to the scheduled Caste/Tribe or Other Backward Classes must produce an authentic proof/certificate to certify the caste (in original) at the time of admission.
  • Transfer Certificate: The parents must notify the school through an application in advance, all dues must be cleared and library books must be returned.
  • The regulations for Parents in order to co-operate with Teachers in the all round development of the Pupil: The Head of the Institution looks forward to the following:
  • They are requested to communicate all their enquiries and problems of the child with the Class Teacher if the need arises, specially if the Class Teacher requests them to meet her.
  • All must kindly be present at Parents/Teachers meeting after every summative.
  • Parents are requested to sign on the 1st Summative, 2nd Summative answer scripts, marksheets when sent home.
  • Unfair means used during examinations will be dealt with strictly.
  • Marksheets will be given only to parents on dates which are informed well in advance.
  • School telephone is not for personal use.
  • No mehendi, long nails nail polish to be used in school. Pupils will not be allowed to pluck eyebrows.
  • Long hair must be plaited on both sides with navy blue rubber band.
  • Short hair must be tied into ponytails with blue rubber bands.
  • If a pupil is absent from school, but has to come to school on the pretext of other school work must come dressed in full uniform and accompanied by parents.
  • Parents are requested in earnest by the Headmistress to kindly read every clause put down in the Diary to maintain discipline.
  • The parents must meet the Class Teachers when called by them.


The whole hearted co-operation and communication of all parents and teachers is highly solicited.  The good wishes of all parents will help us achieve success in bringing up healthy and responsible citizens of India.

The attendance of Classes IX, X, XI & XII students must comply with the Madhya Siksha Parshad & Higher Secondary Council’s required percentage or the pupil will