Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Students must be punctual while attending the school. They cannot remain in the school premises 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the school hours.
  2. Students should attend prayer regularly.
  3. Students should not remain absent without justified reasons.
  4. Medical certificate has to be furnished if the number of days of absence exceeds 05.
  5. Guardians can take students before the expiry of the school time by showing and filling up the Early Departure Card.
  6. Guardians cannot contact the students during school hours without the consent of the school authority.
  7. Guardians must go through the Class Work copies, Exam. scripts and Mark Sheets of the students and sign them properly. The students must submit the Projects on stipulated dates.
  8. Students must bring the Guide Book regularly.
  9. Any change in contact number or address must be intimated to the school authority immediately.
  10. Students who fulfil the requirements of different Stipends and Scholarships must contact the coordinating teachers at the right time.
  11. Students must behave properly. They must not be found near the gate or College during tiffin or School hours.
  12. They should not attend school without Fit Certificate from Doctor if afflicted with any contagious disease.
  13. Apart from materials that are required in the learning process, students must not bring unnecessary articles, mobile phones, etc. Any violation of this will be seen as breaking of school discipline.