School Uniform


Students from Pre-Primary to Class – X have to wear White pleated Frock , Black School Shoe , Red Belt and Red Ribbon .

On the day of Physical Education Class , students should wear White Skirt , Red Shirt and Red Shorts with pocket on right side .

The White Frock would also have a pocket on the right side . The School Monogram and Sarva Shiksha Logo will be stitched on the Upper left portion of the Students’ dress .

Students of Classes XI and XII should wear Red bordered White Sari , White Airhostess Blouse , Black Pump Shoe . The border of the Sari will be of 1 and ½ inches . Alternatively , students may wear Red bordered White Salwar Kameez .


Students should have one Red sleeveless and one full sleeve Sweater without any design. The sweaters should open in the front.

The uniform of Pre-Primary to Class V students should have Two Red broad borders at the bottom. The borders would be narrow on the arms. In the collars, there would be one narrow red border.

Students have to wear Identity Card.