Established in the year 1858, the School started in the Building in which the Superintendent of Police of Malda resides at present. It all started in 2 and 3 pucca rooms and in thatched rooms separated by fences in the Northern, Southern, and Western sides. In 1897, the School shifted to the present campus having 11 compartments and 1 hall attached to a courtyard. Before 1985, this Building enjoyed the recognition of MAIN BUILDING. In 1985, this Building was named after an eminent student of this institute Prof. Binoy Sarkar as BINOY SARKAR BHAVAN. At present, this Building is utilised for administrative purposes. These apart, there are 18 classrooms housed in JAGADISH CHANDRA BHAVAN, RAMMOHAN BHAVAN, VIDYASAGAR BHAVAN AND NAZRUL BHAVAN. From 1897 onwards the school had two hostels –THE HINDU HOSTEL and THE MUSLIM HOSTEL. Now those two Hostels have been amalgamated and remain functional as MALDA ZILLA SCHOOL HOSTEL. This Hostel has the capacity of providing accommodation to 50 students of the XI & XII standard and few students of lower classes. At present, the MORNING SECTION of the school runs from Class – I to Class – V while the DAY SECTION runs from Class – VI to Class- XII. In the HIGHER SECONDARY COURSE, the school carries studies in all the 3 streams of study; namely the SCIENCE, HUMANITIES and COMMERCE streams of study. The result of the school is throughout satisfactory. In 2018 only 1 of the boys stood 9th in the M.P and another ranked 11th in the H.S.