Our Campus

Malda Zilla School Campus

Malda Zilla School an old and traditional institution of the district has a large campus in the heart of the district town Malda. The total area is surrounded by boundaries all around. The campus is surrounded by Rabindra Avenue in the north, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Sarani in the south, B.G Road in east and K.J. Sanyal Road in the west. The main entrance of the campus faces Rabindra Avenue in the north. It is abound in natural beauty with green leaves, trees and colourful flowers and twittering of the birds. There is a playground covered with green grass in the middle of the campus. It remains lively with the students playing and shouting during the school hours. There are several buildings namely administrative building which is known as BINOY SARKAR BHAVAN, JAGADISH CHANDRA BHAVAN which is used as laboratory of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Computer. RAJA RAMMOHAN BHAVAN, VIDYASAGAR BHAVAN and NAZRUL BHAVAN. The rest of the buildings are used for theoretical classes. Among the buildings 2 have been declared as heritage buildings namely BINOY SARKAR BHAVAN and RAJA RAMMOHAN BHAVAN. The Headmaster’s quarter is situated in the campus. A hostel for the students is also there in the campus. Once there were 2 hostels namely “Hindu Hostel” and “Muslim Hostel”. Now those 2 hostels are merged into 1 and known as “Malda Zilla School Hostel”. There is a new building which is under construction. A quarter for Group- D staff is also there in the campus. The front view of the school is so nice with the looks as if painted by an artist. The main entrance of the campus is well decorated with lamp on both sides. The total area is in the lap of nature. It is an ideal campus for education with friendly and cordial atmosphere among the teachers, students, and other staff members.