Rules & Regulations



  1. Pupils must be regular and punctual in their daily attendance in school.
  2. No leave of absence is ordinarily granted except on a written request and for weighty reasons.
  3. It must be clearly understood that no student shall be permitted to go home before the scheduled time for departure.
  4. Any change of address or phone no, of the pupil should be notified to the school immediately.
  5. Parents or Guardians are expected to sign messages, progress report or any other similar document.
  6. For breach of any school rule, irregularity in attendance, negligent work, or misconduct, a pupil may be penalized at the discretion of the Headmistress.
  7. The parents are expected to meet the teachers in connection with the girls’ studies and conduct.
  8. All students from Pre-Primary to XII will be supplied with a hand book through which the teacher will contact the guardians and vice versa.
  9. All loss of articles should be reported, and found articles should be submitted to the Assistant Headmistress.
  10. Any attempt to tamper the progress report and loss of that book shall be severely dealt with.
  11. A transfer certificate will be issued only on the written request of the guardian. All dues have to be cleared. All school articles in possession of the girl must be returned.
  12. Promotion will be strictly according to criteria for promotion. There will be no relaxation under any circumstances and so requests will not be entertained.
  13. No valuable object should be brought to school. Money for fees should be brought in the hidden pocket of the skirt/salwar.
  14. Mobile phone or electronic gadget, if found in the possession of a student will be severely dealt with and the set will be seized forever. No request to get back the seized mobile set shall be entertained by the school authority.


Absence for illness for more than five days will be excused when medical certificates are produced. The guardians are requested to explain the reason for absence on the page “Regularity Record” in their ward’s  Handbook.

For promotion 50% attendance is must.

The latest rule/norm in respect of attendance set by W.B.B.S.E./W.B.C.H.S.E. will be applicable for students of class IX, X, XI and XII.