Located about 100 km Northeast of Kolkata in the district headquarter of Nadia, Krishnagar, Krishnagar Govt. Girls’ High School is present and functioning to embody the ardent endeavours of Govt. of West Bengal in imparting premium education to students from all walks of life. Though much of the history of origin of this institution is obscured by time and non-availability of any authentic documentation, yet some sources from old days affirm, in pre-independence days this present school compound used to accommodate the indigo-plantation and their owner British merchants’ residences. Names like Sir Feddy, an indigo merchant, and of rebel indigo-peasants –MeghaiSardar, DigambarBiswas, BishnucharanBiswas – are all traced back to the bedrock of this school-compound. In the journey towards proper establishment this school owes much of its subsistence to another age-old school, Lady Carmichael Girls’ High School. Later on after Government took over that foundling understructure,in the administering hands of progressive women personalities like Smt. Suphala Roy, Smt. AmiyaDasgupta, Smt. AshalataModak with complementary assistance of teachers like Smt. PurnasashiGhosh, Smt. ParulRakshit, Smt. Anjali Pal, this institution unfolded to the expansion of female-literacy during the time – in 1948 [11th of May] – that demanded immediate burgeoning of modern and enlightened consciousness to foster the wholesome development of a nation which had just been left to its destiny as its own liability. Subsequently their noble ambition got fulfilled in the elevation of this school up to the 12th standard of H.S. curriculum. Since then this institution has been shining bright through the expertise and achievements of its begotten students in every sphere of society.